Bright Horizons Playgroup


Each child in Early Years has their own individual learning journals where their development and progress is recorded. To make these records an even more accurate account of your child’s time in Early Years, Bright Horizons Playgroup uses 'Shine' vouchers for you to record your child’s 'SHINE' moments that happen at home or outside of playgroup.

For example; your child may have written their name for the first time by themselves or swam a little during swimming lessons. When you have written down your child’s 'SHINE' moment, please hand the vouchers to our Early Years team Dawn or Jo so the moment can be added to their learning journals.

To print extra 'Shine' vouchers please click on the 'Shine' box below or you can ask Dawn or Jo for some new vouchers at playgroup. We look forward to reading your child's “Shine moments”

Shine Vouchers